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78 days without an OSHA recordable.

MATRIC is a strategic innovation partner providing deep, un­com­mon expertise and infra­struc­ture to solve the most chal­lenging prob­lems of science and techno­logy.

With expertise in chemi­cals, energy, environ­mental issues and advanced software, MATRIC ena­bles its partners to move ideas from conception to market with speed and efficiency.


  • Michael HaleMichael Hale
    Mike Hale is a scientific glassblower with extensive experience in designing and constructing specialized glass articles for laboratory and pilot plant facilities. He has more than 10 years of experience with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His operation includes a glass lathe, glass saw, annealing oven, multiple torches, and other equipment. Mr. Hale is supporting […]


Analytical is Paramount in Pilot Plant Design

Genius process design, foolproof operating systems, complex intertwined unit operations, sophisticated pilot plants. All mean nothing if you cannot obtain a sample, analyze and quantify exactly what is in it.  Analytical, from method development to sampling procedure, technique, [...]