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MATRIC MATTERS: Analytical Chemistry

A company in the service industry relied on several analytical providers to determine the detailed composition of complex product streams. Samples were being sent to various locations for analysis, and slow turnaround times meant that the results of process changes could not be tracked in a timely manner. The result was lost time and efficiency [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Polymer Functionalization

A customer was developing a new family of polymers and wanted to evaluate the properties of the new materials after a functionalization step by reaction with an additional monomer. The reaction needed to be performed under the same conditions used in commercial operation for the existing product line. MATRIC evaluated the commercial process, devised a [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Polymerization Process, New Polymer Products

A customer had conceived of a series of potential new polymer products that could be produced by a liquid phase polymerization. MATRIC set up laboratory equipment to perform the polymerization and carried out several batch runs. Key steps included addition of the required amount of initiator, generation of the desired molecular weight product, and removal [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Acrylic Acid Melt Crystallization

A customer wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of melt crystallization for the purification of acrylic acid prepared by an alternative process scheme. This commercially practiced technique involves a carefully controlled partial crystallization of a falling film which selectively crystallizes product and rejects impurities into the liquid residue. MATRIC designed an experimental plan to enable determination [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Olefin Oligomerization

A customer had sponsored initial studies at a university to explore the possibility of olefin oligomerization or polymerization to prepare a range of potentially useful products. When the need for larger quantities of materials arose, MATRIC was identified as an organization that could help scale up the technology. Working closely with the customer, MATRIC was [...]

MATRIC CTO Elected Among Acclaimed AIChE Fellows

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va., November 10, 2020 – Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center, Inc. (MATRIC) today announced the election of Dr. Jack Dever, chief technology officer and executive vice president, as a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). The highest grade of membership, this honor marks Dever’s distinctive professional achievements and accomplishments [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Technology Assessment and Process Conceptualization

A mid-size manufacturer engaged MATRIC to assess potential new routes to one of its major products. A comprehensive overview of potential routes was developed, including an assessment of the economic and practical considerations. A conceptual process was developed for the route with the most promise, and a path to implementation was proposed. - For additional [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Scientific Glassblowing

A team from NASA requested help in the design and construction of a collection of specialized glass vessels. The stringent requirements included specific dimensions, pressure and temperature capability, and glass-to-metal seals. After finalizing the proposed design, MATRIC’s glassblower, Mike Hale, constructed two prototype units that were delivered to the NASA team. After they inspected these [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Technology Review and Assessment

A manufacturer of advanced materials brought in MATRIC to provide an analysis of opportunities to expand their market share in a specific technology area. A literature review was carried out, with particular attention to recent relevant patents and applications. An in-depth analysis of the relevant prior art was developed, with areas identified for potential future [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Integrated Biorefinery Process Design

MATRIC worked with an independent organization on the concept of an integrated biorefinery. MATRIC developed a preliminary design package for a specific location. The design included production of fuel gas, electricity, fuel ethanol, and biodiesel, all from locally available renewable resources. The design features very low waste and environmental emissions. - For additional information, contact [...]