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Technical Staff

The majority of MATRIC’s professionals have spent their entire careers focused on chemical R&D and scale up or have deep backgrounds in software and systems development.  The MATRIC team includes several Ph.D. level researchers, many of whom have over twenty-five years of industrial experience.  Members of the MATRIC chemical and energy technologies team have been at the forefront of development and commercialization for significant innovations in the chemical industry.  MATRIC advanced software technologists have delivered extensive programs for the U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense and Homeland Security.

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Name Title
Brooke Albin, MSE Research Supervisor
Paul Aubry Master Laboratory Technician
Vic Baker Senior Systems Engineer
Aaron Barkhurst, M.S. AST Supervisor
Madan Bhasin, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Advisor
Gary E. Bishop Hazardous Materials Specialist
Michael Boyd, M.S. HSES Leader
Michael Bradford, Ph.D. Director of Research
Morgan Bright Laboratory Technician
Lawrence G. Britton, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
William (Bill) Brooks Senior Laboratory Technician
Ronald K. Brown Senior Laboratory Technician
Timothy G. Bumgardner Senior Laboratory Technician
Don Bunning, M.S., P.E. Senior Chemical Engineer
William H. Carpenter Senior Laboratory Technician
Joel Chittum Software Developer
Ben Clark Pilot Plant Engineer
Greg W. Clutter, MBA Chief Operating Officer
Christine Aubry Cochran Senior Laboratory Technician
Manuk Colakyan Senior Chemical Engineer
Francisco G. Cuadra Senior Laboratory Technician
Vincent M. Davis Master Laboratory Technician
Mark Dehlin. MBA, PMP Director, Advanced Software Technologies
Edmond J. Derderian, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
Jack Dever, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer
Lawrence Dixon Senior Operations Technician
B. Duane Dombek, Ph.D. Vice President, R&D Business Development
Ronald Eisinger, Ph.D. Senior Chemical Engineer
William G. Etzkorn, M.S. Senior Chemical Engineer
Justin Ferrell Laboratory Technician
Paul David Fisher Operations Technician
O. Stanley Fruchey, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
Glenn Graham Senior Chemical Engineer
Michael Hale Laboratory Technician, Scientific Glassblower
Jill Harris Pilot Plant Engineer
Kimberly Hayson Senior Laboratory Technician
Steven B. Hedrick President and CEO
William Henstock, Ph.D. Senior Chemical Engineer
Jeffrey Hippler, Ph.D. Senior Chemical Engineer
Catherine Hines Software Developer I
Fungau Ho, Ph.D. Senior Chemical Engineer
Mark Hutsenpiller Senior Laboratory Technician
Dana L. Jividen Senior Laboratory Technician
Quinton Johnson Operations Technician
Name Title
TJ Jones Management Information Systems Specialist
Louis A. Kapicak, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
Brian T. Keen, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
David King Master Electrician
Eric King, Ph.D. Chemist
David A. LaBrot Senior Chemical Engineer
Arthur L. Lucas Process Engineer
Jeremy P. Lucas Facilities Coordinator & Contract Lead
John Matheny Pilot Plant Construction Supervisor
Zachary May Laboratory Technician
Daniel McFarland Software Developer
Stefan Mierau Senior Laboratory Technician
Michael Nehme Senior Laboratory Technician
Mark Nunley Process Engineer
Rob Nunley Pilot Plant Manager
Joe Obradovich Software Developer
James D. Olson, Ph.D. Senior Thermodynamics Specialist
Stephen Portillo Electrical Technician
Philip C. Price, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
Grant Proulx, Ph.D. Senior Research Chemist
Jeremy Rader, P.E. Pilot Plant Supervisor
Christian L. Robinson Advanced Laboratory Technician
Kevin D. Roy Process Engineer
D. James Schreck, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
David M. Simon Senior Chemical Engineer
Hwaili Soo, Ph.D. Senior Chemical Engineer
David L. Statler, Jr., Ph.D. Chemical Engineer
John G. Taylor, Ph.D. Senior Analytical Chemist
Parvez Wadia, D.Sc. Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Scott White Instrument Electrician
Charles P. Wolfe Master Laboratory Technician
Michael T. Wood Business Development Specialist
Robert S. (Bob) Wright Senior Laboratory Technician
Rick Zitzelsberger Senior Laboratory Technician